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Friday, October 5, 2012

Why Do They Persist? FindBigfoot-Facebook and the "Camper/Tent" Video

OK, so maybe this is a guy in a suit wearing sunglasses, not a man in a hoodie wearing sunglasses. The latest color version shows an auburn color, which seems to lend it more credibility. Was it colorized? Was it a suit? In any case, really, is this worthy of being the #2 FBK-FBK Bigfoot Video of All Time?

Plus, it is already obvious that the guys posting this video were either Rick Dyer's associates, or just Rick Dyer himself using an alias. Yes, the guy from the 2008 Georgia Hoax. Their videos use Rick Dyer's own theme music, plus they were filming from within a tent identical to Rick Dyer's as seen on the BigfootTracker web site.

View the FBf-FBk "validation" video here:

Here is what I have to say about it:
The black and white early version seemed to even more clearly show that it was a man wearing clothes. One wonders, was the color version tampered with to add "fur"? The image below was made before the color version was released.

What do YOU think? Number Two of All Time, or proof of gullibility in the analysts over here at Facebook Bigfoot?:
I suppose 27,380 "Likes" cannot be wrong. Right?

Here is what FBf-FBk says about the video, which I don't buy any part of:

Filmed in an unknown location on Sept. 6th 2012. FBFB obtained the original files of the videos shot by the camper in 720p. With the addition an additional clip that shows a Sasquatch treepeeking. Clip number two looks to have been just a picture that turned into a movie. The higher resolution clips show the tendons and muscles moving under the Auburn hair. We have waited a very long time for a clear picture of a Sasquatch face. Fantastic! This replaces the woodpile thermal as the #2 video of all time behind the 1967 patterson gimlin film which shows a female Sasquatch with year round pendulous breasts. We have waited a long time for a video that is close enough and clear enough to show that Sasquatch have a hooded nose with downward facing nostrils, just like all modern humans.
FBFB has no connection with the making of this video.

Come On, Guys. It is a freaking hoax!

This just in! ...

Steve Alcorn, SasquatchScoop: "Well Rick promises to tell the whole story tonight. He has challenged myself, Sharon, Kulls and others to call into his show. My guess is that nobody will."

Watch his page for updates HERE:

There was a real clusterf**k over on the Sharon Lee Bigfoot Field Reporter show last night. Hear what part of it didn't happen in the chat room (where all the heavy action was) here:


BIGFOOT EVIDENCE has some good coverage of this. Just enter "Camper Tent" in the search box at:

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