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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Welcome to the Bigfoot News and Review!

That's right, I kill Blobsquatches.

What is this page? What is a "blog"? Originally meaning "web log," a blog was supposed to be a kind of online journal, a collection of interests, ideas and links. As my old blog page, BIGFOOT'S bLOG, has become more of a "web site" or newsletter, with posts ranging up to 70 pages in Word, this other page has been implemented to try to get back to fun and basics, to cover smaller things, to convey momentary events and thoughts, cultural debris, and current happenings in the news. It will also feature brief opinion pieces that fall short of being philosophical essays. With a few more ads put in there, too, perhaps this page will help offset some of the major losses to my income due to massive amounts of time spent on Bigfoot without pay and often much labor of thought and writing. I hope you like it!

Guest submissions of articles, news and comments are welcomed.

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