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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

BREAKING BIZARRO NEWS! The Latest in the Bigfoot DNA Saga

Robert Lindsay, in his latest blog entry on BIGFOOT NEWS, asks:

"Was Melba Ketchum raped by a Bigfoot!?"

In case you didn't know, Ms. Ketchum, is the Dr. in charge of the long-delayed Bigfoot DNA paper that has kept everyone hanging for years. Will it ever come out, especially with these odd statements that seem to be coming from its lead author about Bigfoot braiding horses manes, zapping people in pastures, and generally misbehaving in strange and metaphysical ways?

I have also spoken with the source for this article, to be kept totally anonymous, who swears that this story came DIRECTLY from Ketchum herself in a person-to-person conversation. So, either the source is lying, or this really happened and the Ketchumites are lying about it to cover it up. Who knows? Lindsay's version differs somewhat, in small ways, from what I heard, but some of that seems to be his conjecture as to what happened. Take it with a grain or two of salt.

Here is a brief excerpt. Read the rest through the link above...

One day Melba went out to a part of her pasture “where the Bigfoots like to hang out.” This is an odd part of the pasture. She says that as soon as you open the gate to this part of the property, “you are likely to get zapped.” By this she apparently means hit by Bigfoot infrasound. Frightening! She apparently went out there to attend to her horses in some manner.
At some point while she was attending to her horses, she seems to have lost conscientiousness [sic, should be "consciousness"]. Then she had some sort of a “lost time” event. Say she was with the horses at 7 PM. Next thing she knew, she woke up and it was say 9 PM. When she awoke, she became aware somehow (not sure how) that she had been unconscious for quite some time. Spooky!
She was lying on the ground in her stable on the ground, possibly clad in a dress. At that time, she became aware that she was “sore” in her vaginal area. There was no reason for her to feel that way. She concluded that a Bigfoots may have somehow zapped her, rendered her unconscious somehow, and possibly raped her.

In her now defunct, and
supposedly bankrupt,
laboratory, hard at play.
If this is true, we have to really wonder if this paper will ever come out, save in some metaphysical online journal. If the above event really did occur, one might ask, Did she obtain a DNA sample?
It should be hoped that Melba is well, and still able to do actual, reality-based Science work to finish this long and drawn-out project.

Read the whole article for more fascinating news, including the recent absurd flap, "Foolish nonsense of MABRC and whether or not they had a Bigfoot body."

Here is an article dealing with the closure of the Ketchum lab business in Texas, or, at least, its move to a new location and business model. Be sure to check the link to the BBB before you put all your Bigfooting eggs in this basket.


Here is a spoof abstract that satirized other Out-There beliefs said to be held by the great Bigfoot Scientist.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012



Yes, folks, it has been a LONG time coming... but it's here.

The humble blog that started small, kept it simple, and is now the #1 Bigfoot web site in the country is called BIGFOOT EVIDENCE.

Every day there is new "evidence."
They have presented many good (and a lot of bad) cases for the existence of Bigfoot, but today's post seals the deal. This time Shawn Evidence delivers the goods.


I raise my glass to all the dedicated researchers over the last decades who tried valiantly and failed. Now they are VINDICATED!

Now we can all take down our trail cameras, put away the camo gear, put an end to all the arguments, get off the internet, go home and enjoy life with our friends and family.

Here it is...

scroll down....

keep going....

that's right...


It can be found here, complete with hundreds of troll comments...

For good measure, here is a cute, cuddly bear cub...

And here is a wonderful, sweet, adorable little kitten video...

Now, let the blog hits roll in!!!!

Now we KNOW the Legend is REAL!

Visit for non-stop 24-7 Squatchutainment!
Shawn's a cool dude, so click his ads.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Does the MABRC have a Bigfoot Corpse? Of Course Not!

Photo: "Bigfoot Corpse" at Logger Bar, Blue Lake, CA

Rumors are swirling today over a simple misreading of a MABRC Forum statement from Ed Smith published by the Robert Lindsay Blog, saying something about a captured Bigfoot. Somehow this got turned into a "Bigfoot Body" in the circulating rumors. Now D.W. Lee, lead honcho of the MABRC (Mid America Bigfoot Research Center) is out there saying he "can neither confirm nor deny" the factuality of this statement and interpretation. He is saying "no comment" wherever the issue arises. What is really going on here?

It's obvious. Robert misread the statement, put a spin of excitement on it, and now DW is using the situation to garner attention for his group. It would only take a simple phone call to his friend, Ed, to find out, would it not? Why the mystery mongering? Why play at X-FILES, being a sort of Mr. X character speaking mysteriously from the shadows? Why not just come out and tell the truth? Because it is good for web hits, and brings the MABRC out of its Oklahoma backwater. That is why.

Here is the statement, as quoted by Robert Lindsay...

I’m posting this in order to end some of the rumor mill speculation as to the reasons for my exit from the group. My expanding responsibilities of the family enterprise and the creation of a new business entity just would not allow me to continue in my original role in the O-6.
The remaining members of the group have been working diligently to get thier (sic) new organization on its feet and I’m sure they will achieve thier (sic) post capture goals and I wish them continued success.
Until next time…
(From the MABRC Forum.)
So, what do we have here?  All that was said is a manner of speaking: "post capture" being the important phrase. What could this mean? A dead Bigfoot? No. All it seems to mean is that they plan to be ready for that eventuality, SHOULD IT HAPPEN, or when it happens. It does not in any way mean that the MABRC or Mr. Smith CURRENTLY have a body. It means that the MABRC wants to be the #1 Bigfoot group in the country. They are ambitious. They want to be READY to be the ones to take over and step in front of the news cameras. Really, I think that is ALL it means, analyzed in terms of rudimentary English. 

Here is Lindsay's opinion of Mr. Smith:
"Ed Smith is the typical unpleasant, egotistical, narcissistic, loumouthed, blustering blowhard that we know so well in this business. Ed has been talking a great game for years now, but he’s never had a thing to show for it. All bark and no bite is his name. Specifically, he’s claimed to have definitive biological Bigfoot evidence for a long time, and he claims that it was tested at genetics labs. However, the results that he laid out on his website don’t seem to make any kind of sense at all. So that’s the story with Ed Smith."

To clarify even further: It seems that Ed Smith is not even a member of the MABRC, but rather some super-secret conspiratorial quasi-governmental set of operatives called the O-6. Whatever. The news has spread in association with the MABRC, with DW jumping on the wagon, especially helped along by Shawn Evidence, when he spun his headlines like this:
"The MABRC (Middle America Bigfoot Research Center), do they or do they not have a dead Bigfoot body? That's the question everyone's asking this morning. Also, what's the deal with Ed Smith and why did he leave the group? The group, currently being led by D.W. Lee, isn't saying much and it doesn't appear like they're doing anything to dispel any rumors either. Lee posted this cryptic statement on his Facebook page this morning after reading about his friend Smith and the rumored "body"...

What has D.W. "Darkwing" Lee been posting across various Facebook Bigfoot groups and the Bigfoot Evidence article's comments section?:

Dw Darkwing Lee8:52am Oct 17
"We can neither confirm or deny the existence of a body. I will state this unequivocally that Ed Smith IS our friend."

"No comment"

There IS no point. It is apparently only a silly game meant to gain attention. If he doesn't know anything, why doesn't he find out, or just say nothing? If they really had a Bigfoot in captivity, or even decent footprints or "grass balls," don't you think they would have been crowing it from the rooftops? The fact that he has said this stuff widely today leads to only one possible conclusion: HE WANTS TO LEAD EVERYONE ON WITH A SENSE OF MYSTERY. He wants you to think there MIGHT be something to it, when he knows damned well there is not.

If he wants attention for his group I would suggest this: This is NOT the kind of attention he should want. People will just be angry at another Ketchum-like shell game. It is the last thing the Bigfooting needs. We've had enough of Bullshit, already, DW.

Here is a little conversation I had today with DW, publicly posted on the California Bigfooters group on Facebook:
No comment

Like ·  ·  ·  · about an hour ago
  • Seen by 3
  • Steven Streufert Why even say "no comment"? What is the point?
  • Dw Darkwing Lee No comment Steven.

  • Steven Streufert Why not just call Ed? Then you could "confirm" or "deny." Otherwise it just looks like you are playing X-FILES with us.
  • Dw Darkwing Lee No comment Steven. Maybe Robert should do that before he writes an article.
  • Steven Streufert So, really, "post capture" only meant that the MABRC plans to be READY for that eventuality, should it ever happen. It seems obvious to me, anyway, and Robert Lindsay just misread the sentence....
  • Dw Darkwing Lee Maybe people should do more research before they write things.
  • Steven Streufert Maybe you should just CLARIFY it, then, rather than playing Mr. "X" and mystery mongering...?
  • Dw Darkwing Lee Bet it's really starting to get under your skin, isn't it Steven. smile
  • Steven Streufert Not at all, DW. I think you are just playing this for attention for your group. It seems to me a disingenuous thing to do.
  • Dw Darkwing Lee Well, guess the same could be said for you and your blog.
  • Steven Streufert Me and my blog WHAT? I tell it like it is. I don't sit around saying I can't confirm or deny anything when there is NOTHING there.
  • Dw Darkwing Lee No but you use everything you can to draw attention to yourself and your blog. You can't deny that. Everyone with a little sense can see that.
  • Steven Streufert I put my stuff out there, that is all. OF COURSE I want my ideas and research to be heard. What, should I hide it under a rock? I'll tell you one thing I DO NOT do, and that is play little mystery mongering games. If there is a fact out there I will try to find it and publish it. I'm not going to tease readers will silly "Cannot confirm or deny" type statements, solely to allow people to THINK I have a Bigfoot body in my shed, when I know damn well I do not have such a thing.
  • Steven Streufert This is not about "me." This is about you making mysteries out of nothing. Do you think this is funny? Just tell people the truth so they won't get all excited about nothing. That would be the nice and sensible thing to do. Robert read into a statement too much, and now you are just feeding the misconception to gain attention for the MABRC. I'd suggest that is NOT the kind of attention you should want to get.

  • Dw Darkwing Lee It always seems to be about "you" Steven, you have no right to demand nothing of me or the MABRC, you have done your fair share of bashing us.
  • Steven Streufert Ha. I only demand truth, forthrightness and honesty, and I demand it in all cases. Bullshit is our worst enemy, and you should know that. I have nothing against MABRC as a group, but as its leader I'd think you'd like to avoid besmirching the group with this oh-so-mysterious behavior.

You can clearly see, above, that DW *KNOWS* that Robert Lindsay made a mistake of misinterpretation. Why doesn't he just ADMIT that? The answer, my friends, is obvious. I think everyone could learn to enhance their reading comprehension just a little, before jumping to conclusions, ya think? It would avoid a whole lot of wasted energy and emotion, I'll tell you.
Read the Bigfoot Evidence blog about this, too, for an interesting bunch of comments below the article...
(from the MABRC Forums)