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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fire Update: Nickowitz Fire, above Bluff Creek.

Fire detail, showing just how close the
fire is to Bluff Creek Bigfoot history.
Click Map to Enlarge for Detail

The NICKOWITZ FIRE continues to burn and move on its southern and western flanks, away from the fire line above the PGF site, but slowly creeping toward Notice Creek. Conditions now aren't bad, but a sudden change in the winds could spell disaster. The area around the fire, including the whole upper Bluff Creek basin in now CLOSED until the fire is considered to be out. This could mean the entire remaining summer-fall season. This fire started at the beginning of August, and was due to a lightning strike.

For more info. and some photos of the area go here:

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Even though Bluff Creek is closed all around the fire right now, our trail cameras are still watching the area.

Here is the full area fire map.
Click maps to enlarge for detail.