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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Woo and Hoaxing Outweigh Reason at the Sasquatch Summit

I hate to have to say it, but I've made the personal decision to boycott the SASQUATCH SUMMIT this weekend. Why? Because it is enabling and promoting HOAXING and DELUSIONAL THINKING. Though there are indeed some good speakers on the roster, Bart Cutino cancelled when he heard Matthew Johnson was added as a speaker, Derek Randles is no longer appearing on the pop-up images of those presenting on the main web page for the event (though he does appear on the schedule and speakers list, his presence seems to have been demoted). With TODD STANDING and some real Woo-sters speaking, I can't see this turning out well at all. Even Jeff Meldrum is likely to get swept up in the complications of his association with Standing. This whole event will likely be nothing but a big argument about the "Sylvanic" garbage, and will vault the hoaxing Todd into the USA media, which is exactly what he wants. I cannot support or condone such a confused event. I had planned upon going, but no more.

Here is how the roster of speakers weigh in for the event...
Five MEGA-WOO characters.
One complete HOAXER.
Three rationalists.
Two guys I don't know of at all.
One cool country singer.
One Gimlin, who defies category.
Note in the following two poster versions how the speakers have changed. I don't see another current one, but Todd Standing has been moved into the prime-time Saturday HEADLINER spot where it is said "he releases all." Matthew Johnson's addition was not noted on a poster, but he stirred up so much controversy that he removed himself and declared that he would put on his own conference next year.

With the Woo-Woos defeating the rationalists in numbers already, who wins? Whose conference is this, anyway? Well, here is what I say...

It's just for attention, fame, and DVD sales. This imbecilic "protection" scheme of his worked to get him on TV in Canada before, and now he's aimed his con at the USA market. He wants to support legislation in the USA with supposed evidence gathered in Canada? He will be laughed out of Washington and Washington, DC. Hoaxing is inherently cynical. Standing is a hoaxer. Therefore he cannot really be sincere in his "protection" lobbying. This is a raw con. The mark is us, but namely the larger society of news consumers rather than the Bigfooting community. His aim is fame, with money to follow. He can simply produce the DVD on demand and sell it that way. The film is already basically in the can and done. He does not need $900K for any of this. I'm certain he won't raise the $900,000 he wants on his Kickstarter page, but events like the Sasquatch Summit will only raise his profile among the gullible.

Bigfoot Evidence blog has already spun this stuff from Facebook into a "news" story, distorting it completely.

Here is that silly post on BIGFOOT EVIDENCE...

Here's a funny one from the Reverend Jeffrey Kelley showing the truth of the Sylvanic situation...


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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Has Doctor Johnson Lost His Bigfoot Marbles? ORBS!

This stuff is beyond words, folks. As if "cloaking" were not enough.

Listen to a certified psychologist speak with invisible Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Forest People while their "orbs" dance around his bedroom. Hear his lady friend follow his lead even while she cannot see these things he claims to see. One suspects that the "orbs" he is seeing may be his own lost "marbles," or maybe just lights shining in his window from cars or maybe an airport nearby. Or, maybe, it's the very light from his own cell phone camera reflecting off objects in his room?

Here is what Matthew Johnson posted on Facebook today. Find the entire, astonishing video embedded below.

Go here if the video embed doesn't work for you:

The Coalition for Reason, Science, and Sanity in Bigfoot Research

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