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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

R.I.P. Ray Crowe


Loren Coleman had the news today. Ray had a heart attack in a care facility for vets.

Read a touching obit about Ray written by his friend

Ray was famous for his "The Track Record" newsletter, which usually bore the humorous (and serious) admonishment, "KEEP YOUR SKEPTICALS ON."

He ran the Western (International) Bigfoot Society during a crucial period where the hype of the seventies had died out, but before the big transformation of Bigfooting in the late nineties, with the advent of the influence of the internet.

RIP, Ray. You'll be missed.

It's a bit shocking to hear this today, though we'd long heard his health wasn't good, but just this morning I'd received an email from Larry Lund that said Ray was doing better.
"For those interested, Ray is doing much better and the Doctor is saying he expects Ray to be around for at least another year. He has been transferred to a new Veterans Care Facility in Lebanon, Oregon. Here is the address that you can send correspondence to. For now, just send it to Charles R. Crowe in care of the facility. I should have the exact mailing directly to him and will post it immediately. Any questions you may contact me at any time.
Charles R. Crowe
600 North 5th Street
Lebanon, OR. 97355
Till I know more…..
All The Best,Larry"

Read a longer article we wrote on Ray years back here:

The Track Record Update: Ray Crowe--Who Is This Guy, Anyway?

Friday, September 11, 2015

Nickowitz Fire Still Burning above Bluff Creek and Bigfoot Historical Zone

Burning since lightning struck on August 1st, the Nickowitz Fire is still active right above the historic Bluff Creek Bigfoot area. It burned within only a half a mile of the Patterson-Gimlin Film Site, as you may see in the following graphic. This was the closest the fire burned, in mid-late August.

Currently the fire has been largely contained, but is still active in hot, dry conditions, with occasional winds coming off the coast to the inland. It will likely burn until the first heavy rains of fall. Here is the current official ops map for Sept. 11th. The PGF site is a small red dot to the right.

Bluff Creek itself remains closed, with heavy penalties if you go up there (so don't). The roads away from the fire and the creek basin, The G-O Road to 12N12, Slate Creek, and Cedar Camp are still open, as is the Fish Lake/Onion Mountain (Bluff Creek) Road up almost to Onion Lake (which latter is in the closure zone).

Here is the map detailing the road/area closures that are still in effect indefinitely.