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Sunday, July 5, 2015

BLUFF CREEK PROJECT Trail Camera Funding Drive Back in Action


The Bluff Creek Trail Camera Project funding drive is back in action for Summer, 2015.

Here's the latest great wildlife video the project has gotten...

 You, too, can participate in this public, crowd-sourced research project by sponsoring a camera to be placed in Bluff Creek or at the PGF site. Even small donations covering batteries and bear boxes help. All funds to to supporting the equipment, and not to buying beer or toys for the Project members.

Here's the link to the IndieGoGo page...


Here's the latest update from Jamie S.

"Summer 2015 Update:
We had a pretty crazy winter out on Bluff Creek. We had multiple Mountain Lion encounters with the cameras and many huge bears. The animals seemed to stay longer in the creek than usual. Over the last few years there was almost no animal activity from December through February. We had bears and deer all winter long walking in front of the cameras. I am still editing the videos. We have many hours of footage to assemble. We did have many camera malfunctions over the winter as well. The two older Bushnell cameras at the film site had stopped working after only one month of filming. It continuously recorded for two days straight then filled up the 32gb memory card. The other camera only functioned for a few days. It's not too bad because we had five cameras installed there overlapping the area. Our brand new camera at the MK Davis site had also failed. There was no memory card in it. I had noted that a card was installed and I am sure there was one in it when we bolted it to the tree. I think it was stolen by someone hiking the creek, but it is possible it was just simply an oversight. This season we hope to retire all of the older cameras and replace them with four new Bushnell Trophy Cams. We have bear boxes for everything already and I have purchased some high quality boron carbide master locks. We also were able to purchase a brand new Bushnell camera with a generous donation from a family who came down to the film site with us in June. So that camera is operating now in a new location adjacent to the film site. We hope this season will be better than the rest and we will concentrate of dialing in our camera traps and securing them.

Winter 2015 update:It's that time of year again. We need to raise funds to buy batteries for our trail cameras. It costs $12.90 for a single set of batteries for the trail cams. We use Energizer Lithiums so they're not cheap. If we buy in bulk it's about $1.07 a battery. We have twenty cameras to service so it all adds up. We would also like to purchase at least two new Bushnell HD cameras to install at our second location at the high lakes on the ridge over Bluff Creek. These cameras are currently $144.99 on right now and we would like two to replace two aging units that are starting to malfunction. All the cameras down at the film site have been running for three months straight now and we can't get in there to service them until May. Until then they will continue to document the wildlife and hopefully a Bigfoot.

Fall 2014 update:9/30/2014We just finished servicing all of the cameras to prepare for winter. All of the cameras have fresh batteries and are armed. We had an incredibly successful summer down on Bluff Creek. We were able to make four trips down to the film site and install three new cameras, as well as six new bear boxes. We raised a lot of money over the summer and were able to purchase two brand new 2014 Bushnell MAX Black HD cameras. These new Bushnell cameras are incredible. They take HD video while simultaneously capturing 8mp still photos for high resolution analysis. We are so stoked on these cameras that we want to focus on replacing a couple of our older cameras with these new models. After some calculation I have determined that our optimum number of trail cameras in the field is 25. Right now we have 19 operating cameras. Nineteen cameras is a lot to service but I feel comfortable handling up to about 25 at our current labor capacity. They take three people two days to service all of them, and they cost $382 for batteries for the whole year. I had a few people asking about donating to project after the Summer crowdfunding campaign ended so I decided to start a fall campaign. For more details about our project please visit out facebook page and watch our videos on youtube."