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Friday, October 5, 2012

Bigfoot Sasquatch Sighting Near Ashigan Lake, BWCA 2012? NOPE, SORRY!

It doesn't even take an ape suit to do a hoax these days.

Yet Another BAD misidentification/hoax video is out, and if one pauses the thing frame-by-frame one can catch a glimpse of the clothing and the color of it on a clear Homo sapiens sapiens. That ain't no Bigfoot, guys.

Here is what they say about it:
Published on Oct 4, 2012 by Glass Sarx
"Ashigan Lake (near Moose Lake), Ely, MN. September 19, 2012. Huge beast; very tall and very fast. Six day canoe trip cut short; C. W. Outfitter."
"Something's knocking, dude, and that isn't a woodpecker. Look at the SIZE Dude, is that a bear?"
Some pretty pathetic dialogue there, to go with the image.

Watch it here:

Here is the composite image I made, showing the brief few frames with "the Creature" in them.
Click image to enlarge.
Which  is it....
I think it all depends upon the lighting and the blur. Also, I think the pants on the "thing" are fairly obvious. What do YOU think?

Thanks to Shawn at Bigfoot Evidence Blog for the original story:

Again, I say... UGH.

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