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Friday, October 5, 2012

"The Great Big Bigfoot Poll of 2012" from Mike Rugg of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum, plus Bigfoot Discovery Day 5 Info.

What do you think of this new poll that has just been released?

Here is the Mike Rugg SURVEY ON THE PGF, "The Great Big Bigfoot Poll of 2012," being circulated to "serious researchers," or just about anyone, too. You might also consider taking the survey, if only for your own interest.

See BELOW the poll for information on BIGFOOT DISCOVERY DAY 5.


Here is a copy of the poll we ask ALL BIGFOOT RESEARCHERS to respond to (especially if they cannot make it to our event):

The Great Big Bigfoot Poll of 2012

Please return results to: Bigfoot Discovery Museum, Felton, CA 95018 before Oct

Please respond if you consider yourself (or your group) a "Bigfoot Researcher". (Definition: You spend a considerable amount of your time delving into bigfoot either online or in the forest and you have spent a considerable amount of money on this topic ($100s) over the years.)

Name of individual and/or group:______________________________________________

Web site URL:________________________________________________________________

email address:____________________________________________________________

Phone number:_____________________________________________________________

Number of years into the research:_________________________

Do you think the Patterson/Gimlin Film depicts a genuine Sasquatch/Bigfoot?

Yes_________ No_________ On the fence__________   

Can you express your opinion as a %-age?___________%

Are you aware of the work of Bill Munns on the PG Film analysis?  Yes______No_______



Are you aware of the work of MK Davis on the PG Film analysis?    Yes______No_______



 We would appreciate it if you could make a simple (one paragraph or less) statement of your position on the P/G Film:

Bigfoot Discovery Museum
5497 State Route 9
Felton, CA 95018

From Mike Rugg.

Hello fellow searchers of truth,

Mark your calendars for Bigfooot Discovery Day V featuring the lost film of Roger Patterson on the 45th anniversary of the Patterson Gimlin Film, October 20, 2012 in Felton, California. This is an open invitation to all researchers to step forward and help develop a definitive proof of the film. Its especially important that we come together and cannonize this bit of evidence once and for all especially at this time when naysayers and hoaxers are putting out a new hit-piece on Patterson. Bill Munns will update his work on the film analysis at the event as well as several other presenters (TBA). Below is a statement by Bill Munns, after he viewed a couple of clips from the film:

"A preliminary analysis of recently acquired film by Mike Rugg and the Bigfoot Discovery Museum is certain to change our analysis of issues related to the known filmed scene of Roger casting a trackway print. This film reel contains a segment showing Roger casting a footprint track, and then displaying the resulting hardened cast, and it is emphatically a different casting effort than the one commonly shown and often argued by the skeptical community as being the Bluff Creek casting. Further analysis is necessary and a proper 4K film frame scan of the footage is needed, but it can be said on no uncertain terms that the skeptical suspicions often cited as discrepancies between the known scene of Roger casting a track, and the scene showing Roger holding two casts by a tree, can no longer be relied upon to support any hoax claims, because the connection between the two film scenes is now disconnected by the proof that Roger was filmed more than once making a cast of a footprint track.

Based on the footage so far made available to me, I cannot yet make a determination if this newly acquired footage was taken at Bluff Creek, but we now must logically consider the following alternatives:

1. The original known scene of Roger casting a track was at Bluff Creek and this new one is not.
2. The new footage is of Roger at Bluff Creek and the old well-known footage was not.
3. Neither of the footage scenes was taken at Bluff Creek and the actual Bluff Creek described casting footage is still unseen and un-analyzed.

But one can no longer simply assume the old footage of Roger must have been taken at Bluff Creek, because it was the only footage known and talk of a demo casting film was dismissed as a rumor. We now know for a certainty that demo casting footage does exist (at least one of the two known versions of footage must be so), and so any analysis trying to identify Roger casting a track with what is described to have occurred at Bluff Creek must now be proven with a far higher degree of compelling proof than anyone has offered to date.

Bill Munns September 4, 2012"

Spread the word--- its time to pay homage to Roger Patterson, and counter attack the smear campaign.
Mike Rugg

Bigfoot Discovery Day V
11-4 at the museum (free) $5.00 (for BBQ lunch)
Patterson Film presentation and panel at Felton Town Hall
$20 each at the gate (members & seniors 18)
$15 advance ticket order (members & seniors 12)
Children under 12 free
PayPal via:

Here is the poster for the event....

Here is a video of Mike speaking about the event.

I'm not saying "Ugh" about this one at all.

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