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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Don't Miss This: Bigfoot Investigative Reporter, ROBERT LINDSAY, Appearing on SquatchDetective

Tonight at 5:00 Pacific Time, or stored via archive anytime at the same link below, you can witness the death match between Bigfoot Investigative Reporter, ROBERT LINDSAY and STEVE KULLS, The SquatchDetective. In the past there has been some bad blood. Will fences be mended? What will be revealed? Tune in, online, on BlogTalk Radio.

Click here to listen, live or otherwise. Sign in to get in the chat room if listening live

screen shot only... click link above to listen
Yes, after a long absence, SquatchDetective is back again on BlogTalk, after a video experiment on another site. That former site seemed to have many technical difficulties. It's always been a great show, and I think it is true when they say its the "longest running BTR program on the Sasquatch!!!" It is also one of the best. Check it out.

Here is Robert...

You may read his BIGFOOT NEWS segments on his controversial generalist blog at:
His motto: "If I'm Not Making You Mad, I'm Not Doing My Job."

To find general information on The SquatchDetective show, or to listen to future episodes, check in here:

Lindsay just posted the following on his blog, so it would appear that he and Kulls are on better terms these days: "The hosts will be my friend Steve Kulls and Chris Bennett. Kulls has turned into a superb researcher of late, putting his detective skills to excellent use."

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