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Thursday, June 4, 2015


Here's a cautionary tale.... Pareidolia follows you wherever your mind goes! And... the clickbait sites are betting you'll want to believe it, or at least look long enough for them to make .001 of a cent.

Ohio Man Encounters and Photographs Multiple ‘Bigfoot Creatures’?

Apparently those vicious, dangerous Blobsquatches just ripped common sense right out of this guy's head. Really, there is nothing there but water, snow, and some barren trees. Apparently one is going to find whatever blob one wishes to by staring at the mound or rootball at center right.

This is actually a story of how BS stories spread. First it appeared on the "fake-news" site, Cryptozoology News dot com on June 2nd, 2015. Then it appeared on another site, Bigfoot Daily, on June 4th in the *exact* same words. Soon, I am sure, it will be featured credulously on Bigfoot Evidence.

Links, if you care to fall for the CLICKBAIT. I'd rather recommend boycotting these two sites, though:

And, just to check how long it takes for the biggest Bigfoot bunkum news aggregator to find it, here:

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