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Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Provo Canyon Bigfoot Video: Controversy, Viral Hype, Hoax, Bear, or Maybe, Just Maybe....?

There has been a lot of media hype about the claimed Provo Canyon Bigfoot video, so I thought I'd slow it down to a ridiculous level of slowness for all of you. The glimpse of the thing is just too brief in the original video, so here you go.  My commentary, lazily copied from Facebook, is found below.
UPDATED somewhat, November 9th...
Bigfoot? Bear? An Ape Suit Hoax?
Or maybe just one trippy ride if you turn up the volume and watch this on full-screen...?
I found this to be rather psychedelic in slow motion. I suspect it to be a hoax; but hey, it is cool.

Watch this here, or go to this link.
Be sure to set it to full screen and high volume.

See that little square at the bottom right? Click that.

I say this may be a hoax, but it is one of the coolest "Bigfoot" videos to emerge lately.
At first I just thought it must be a bear, but as enhanced and HD versions emerged I had to lean more toward a hoax.

The CLUE IS IN THE NAME, I think. WHO is this "Beard Card" anyway? More on that will probably break in the news tomorrow, mark my words. For now, look up the words of that name in a slang dictionary....

Some prior thoughts from my Facebook postings (excuse their somewhat fragmentary form)...

I am suggesting that if this is not a hoax, it may still be a case of an optical illusion. It appears bigfoot-like, but there is not enough to rule out a bear. No arms, no head, the width doesn't change. We could be seeing a bear going from partially concealed burrowing to heading up the hill.

The more I look at this the more it puzzles me. I have to reemphasize, though, that there is only the apparent appearance of an arm on the right side. It is due to those leaves. Anyway, this is what makes it look squatchy the most, other than the apparent height gain. The fact that the thing is so small to start with indicates to me that it is burrowing and in part hidden at first, else it would not be able to "grow" in height so much. I think I will have to watch this a few more dozen times to see.......

Dunno, but the more I look at this the more I see a bear, first burrowing into the ground for food or whatever, and then turning uphill. It does not seem to look back at all, as the witnesses claim, and it does not show arm structure. The "arm" is really just leaves in the foreground creating that impression ...or.... just a hoax with a guy wearing a black blanket or something. Still, it looks pretty good in the way it appears to gain so much height. Still undecided on this one. It would help if "Beard Card" had even one bit of personal information in his Google account. That alone is pretty suspicious. It was created just for this video.

It is really rather unfortunate that the videographers did not get maybe three or four seconds more video of this. Then we'd know more. The height gain definitely looks like a Bigfoot, but the arms are dubious to me, and I'm still thinking it is an optical illusion. I'm trying to rule out a bear, as that is exactly what it looks like until the last second. I suppose I don't have to rule out a bear, as it could be a suit/hoax. This one is intriguing. It is frustrating. It is definitely more than a blobsquatch, but I just can't cross over and say it IS a squatch. The HD version on full screen is now running in extreme slow motion, and I'm still puzzled. My main question is: WHERE does all of that bulk suddenly appear from??? It seems to come out of nowhere.

There is only the ILLUSION of an arm on the right. It is actually just a tree branch with leaves. See my image analysis posted here. The width does not actually change. Scrutiny is how we rule out other explanations. It is necessary.

A return to the site with measurement should be done before we get all excited and jump to the squatch conclusion. I'll admit, this video looks pretty cool.

Perhaps this issue is so blatant that no one has even noticed it? Look, in their description of the encounter the witnessed say the creature "looked right at them, but it is totally obvious in the brief video that the thing DOES NOT LOOK AT THEM. What do we make of this???

Why ask "could it have looked at them earlier" when we have the description right from the video poster's mouth?: 
"CARD: "
We had actually been standing there for awhile. ...But when it stood up and looked at us--and we assumed it was a bear up to that point--but, when it stood up and looked at us, it was this massive animal. We don't know what it was. I mean, none of us believe in Bigfoot, so. ...We've talked about it over and over again since Monday when it happened and all of us are positive that thing wasn't a bear." 

In other words, they were watching it, thought it was a bear, and then when it stood up (shown in the video) it supposedly looked at them. Well, watch the video in HD on full screen a dozen times, and you simply will not see whatever it is turn and look at the camera. It simply does not do so.

Slang meaning for the "name" "Beard Card"...
Beard can also mean "cover" or "imposter," and Card can mean "joker." .....

Also... How could they not believe in Bigfoot if they really saw one?

1) THE STORY IS CLEAR: They saw it, thought it was a bear, and then it stood up. There is NO part of their story that it stood up, looked at them, then went down and looked like a bear, and then stood up again and made them run away. NO. The story is simple... IT STOOD UP ONCE. Looking at the video there is NO sign of it looking at anyone.
2) They SAW the thing, right there in front of them, so why are they now saying they do not believe in Bigfoot? They got a good look at it.
3) Their video is TITLED "Provo Canyon Bigfoot Sighting?" or whatever. It is pretty clear that they are representing this as a Bigfoot.
What if "Beard Card" is just a fake ID for some Animal Planet operative trying to generate viral hype for an upcoming TV show's Season Three? (That is a joke, but I do believe there is something very suspicious in this video scenario.)

All of this hype, and we still don't even know the location where this was shot. It looks good, but damn, you'd think SOMEONE out of the millions of viewers and countless media stories now would have actually INVESTIGATED this, maybe just a little?

I've been saying this from the start... the CLUE is in the NAME.

Here is an initial analysis I did where I was trying to rule out the bear option.

For a different view considering this might be a real Bigfoot, check out Guy's BIGFOOT LUNCH CLUB articles here:
and here:

Consider, too, WHERE was this video shot???
Update: it has emerged that it was shot up the road to the southeast of the (joking) parking lot locations shown below. The location is somewhere near Squaw Peak. See the last image for that area in relation to the first three that follow.
Here is Provo Canyon, Utah:
Bigfoot Habitat?
Bigfoot Habitat????
Bigfoot Habitat?????????????????????????????????????????????
OK, folks, here is Squaw Peak Road. You can see Provo Canyon Road just to the north of it.
Squaw Peak to lower right, Provo Canyon Road above.
To "ugh" or not to "ugh," that is the question. Whether it is nobler in the mind to believe YouTube videos, or by debunking, end them...?

OK, HERE IS THE UPDATE, From The Sasquatch Scoop blog...
You've got to check out this one.